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47 Positive Affirmations For Women

47 Positive Affirmations For Women

If you’re anything like me, you know there’s only so much you can do in a day. What I can influence is your mindset and how I interpret the environment around you. It’s all too easy to let the stresses of the world infiltrate your head.

Positive affirmations, on the other hand, can help you enhance not only your mood but also your view on life. As a result, in this essay, I’ll briefly explain the power of affirmations and provide you with a number of positive affirmations for women.

What is a positive affirmation?

A positive affirmation is a word, idea, or thought that you repeat to yourself. Remember how people used to tell you how good of a job you did as a kid, or how much you’ve improved? That was affirmation.

However, as you’ve become older, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t get as many external confirmations. At least, that has been my experience. Because you can’t always rely on others to compliment you or offer you words to live by, you must utilize positive affirmations for yourself.

Even hearing yourself say these loving words out loud might improve your mental condition and improve your mood.

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Repeat These Daily

  1. Every question has an answer and every problem has a solution
  2. Feel the love
  3. Focus on the good. Avoid the negative.
  4. I accept people for who they are and will not judge them nor their dreams
  5. I am an amazing gift to myself and others
  6. I am capable, I am strong, and I am smart. I will get through this.
  7. I am enough
  8. I am happy. Happy with myself. Happy with who I am.
  9. I am in charge of my future. Only me.
  10. I am loved, I am healthy, and I am secure.
  11. I believe in myself and in the path I have chosen for myself
  12. I can leave. No matter the situation I can leave and find better elsewhere.
  13. I can only control what I can control. Everything else shall not cause me stress for I cannot control everything
  14. I choose my friends and I choose to surround myself with those I love and those who love me
  15. I do not judge my friends and my friends do not judge me
  16. I do not need anothers’ approval, I only need my own
  17. I enjoy what I do. In work and in life.
  18. I have meaning
  19. I know what I can achieve and I shall stick to my goals
  20. I love my family, for all our differences we are still a family who loves one another.
  21. I love myself
  22. I make myself a better version of myself everyday
  23. I only need to compare myself to myself. Others follow their own path.
  24. I reward myself for what I have accomplished
  25. I shall let go of my worries
  26. I show my love by my actions and by my words to family and to friends
  27. I trust myself
  28. I will always care for those I love
  29. I will be the best I can be today
  30. I will listen to myself. I know the answer and I know I am brave enough to do what I know I have to do.
  31. I will love myself for who I am
  32. I will not quit. I will try everything I can.
  33. I will pursue my dreams no matter what obstacles may come
  34. I will support those I love in their journeys
  35. Ignore the dark, seek the light in my life
  36. My answer is always in front of me
  37. My friends support me and I support my friends
  38. My path is my own
  39. Never give up on my dreams
  40. Perception is reality, if I choose to perceive the day as happy, the day is a happy day.
  41. The only one stopping me is me. I will make my dreams come true.
  42. The past is in the past. What I do now shapes my future.
  43. Those who truly care for me will always truly care for me.
  44. Those who truly care for me will support me in my journey
  45. Tomorrow I will be better than I was today
  46. Unwind. Be at peace. I will relax.
  47. What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.
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