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42 Positive Affirmations For Kids

  1. My feelings are important
  2. I can succeed in school
  3. I am a big boy (girl)
  4. I like being me
  5. My teachers want me to do well
  6. My coach wants me to do well
  7. My parents want me to do well
  8. My friends want me to do well
  9. People like me
  10. My family loves me
  11. If I practice I will get better
  12. I can help
  13. I can solve problems
  14. I can do better
  15. I believe in myself
  16. Others believe in me
  17. I can be everyone’s friend
  18. It is okay to not know the answer
  19. I can ask for help
  20. My fears do not control me
  21. My anxiety does not control me
  22. I can do anything with a positive mindset
  23. Today is my day
  24. I radiate positivity
  25. I can do things at my own pace
  26. I can take chances
  27. I’ve got this
  28. I am a work in progress
  29. I can do it
  30. My work will pay off in my future
  31. Good things come to good people
  32. I am capable of great things
  33. Everyone can learn to love me
  34. I owe it to myself to try my best
  35. Practice beats talent when talent does not practice
  36. I am my own person
  37. I will get through the hard times
  38. I am here for a purpose
  39. No one was ever great when they started
  40. I can control my emotions
  41. It is okay to not be okay
  42. It is okay to share your feelings
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